International Carbon Handprint Award

Climate Leadership Coalition (CLC) and Vancouver Economic Commission, launched the world’s first International Carbon Handprint Award at the GLOBE Forum in Vancouver in March 2022. Vancouver Economic Commission serves one of the world’s fastest-growing, low-carbon economies and CLC is the largest climate business network in Europe.

With the International Carbon Handprint Award, we want to highlight the solutions that have a major positive climate impact and help economies to reduce emissions or increase carbon sinks significantly.

There are two categories of award:​

  • The Most Climate-positive Carbon Handprint Product; and ​
  • The High Potential Carbon Handprint Innovation

Criteria for The Most Climate-positive Carbon Handprint Product are: ​

  1. Carbon handprint impact by realized, verifiable carbon footprint reductions; and ​
  2. International potential for further carbon footprint reductions ​

Criteria for The High Potential Carbon Handprint Innovation are: ​

  1. International potential for carbon footprint reductions; and ​
  2. Proof that the new product is already in commercial use


The winning companies will gain wide international recognition as solution providers. The winners will be promoted in Europe and in North America through the extensive networks of Climate Leadership Coalition and Vancouver Economic Commission. The winners will also receive an award.

The deadline for registration was August 19, 2022. The jury representing a wide range of business sectors selected the winners that were announced in New York during the Climate Week NYC conference on September 21, 2022.

More information

Jouni Keronen
Co-chair, Climate Leadership Coalition’s Advisory Board,, +358 50 4534881

Senni Raunio 
Specialist, Climate Leadership Coalition,, +358 50 3512390